MAX-BROSE-RUN – worldwide running campaign for the children’s relief organisation UNICEF

Sports, health and social project initiated by Brose's company sports department and supported by many volunteers at all locations.

Nepal: Free Health Camp

Medical aid for people in a Nepalese mountain village at an altitude of over 4000m. 
Max-Brose-Hilfe makes the deployment of the medical team possible.

India: Lila Poonawalla Foundation 

"2tomorrow-2gether" - Qualified education for girls, Brose location Pune and Max-Brose-Hilfe e.V. support.

Nepal: Dautari – Friends for Future e.V. “Future through Education” 

School equipment for over 200 pupils. Max Brose Aid enables school attendance

Kenya: Turkana Desert 

Practical life help and personal commitment

Nuremberg: Housing First – finally living

homeless project in Nuremberg, Max-Brose-Hilfe e.V. provides start-up assistance

Namibia: Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V.

Max Brose Hilfe supports the financing of a non-governmental school project in Swakopmund in the west of Namibia.

India: Agrarthulir Foundation 

Max Brose Hilfe supports the construction of electricity and water infrastructure as well as the construction of two educational centers for children and adults.

Philippines: Lighthouse 

Lighthouse is a project for rejected, abused, and mistreated children. Max Brose Hilfe was able to contribute to the financing of two houses.

Burkina Faso: Project LINDA

an initiative against malnutrition
, Max-Brose-Hilfe e.V. supports Ampo e.V.

Cameroon: Wokka 

In northeastern Cameroon, Max Brose Hilfe helped to co-finance the construction and furnishing of a school and training workshop for young women.

Mannheim: Barac Diakonische Hausgemeinschaften 

Max Brose Hilfe supports social work for the inclusion project with artists' workshops, living spaces for the disabled and severely disabled people and subsidized housing.

Nepal: Dautari 

Dautari Nepal, together with Pachu from BHORE, developed a project made up of various elements concerning emergency aid and education. The purpose: saving as many people as possible from starvation.

Uganda: Kampala Orphanage 

Max Brose Hilfe has helped the parish with a variety of projects including the purchase of food and two hectares of farmland.

Burkina Faso: AMPO international e.V. 

Max Brose Hilfe has supported AMPO international e.V., which benefits adult education and sexual education in Burkina Faso.