Lebanon / Syria: Tent school

Max Brose Hilfe supports “Zeltschule e.V.” in caring for internally displaced persons in Syria.

Almost 8 million Syrians are internally displaced persons, they have lost their homes but have never left their country. They try to survive in Syria as war nomads. Many do not even have tents, they live on the streets, in forests, in the desert, in cardboard boxes. Since schools and hospitals were among the main targets of the bombardment by the Syrian regime and Putin, there is hardly any medical care left and the children have no access to education.

The Zeltschule e.V. has been trying to fight the causes of flight for years and is once again putting this at the centre of its work in 2023: people must not be forced to risk their lives, to give up their homes, their identities, in order to survive. You have to help them in their region, enable them to survive in their homeland with dignity and safety – and that is exactly what the association does.

Adult Syrians are banned from working in Lebanon, so for most families the only chance of survival is to let their children work. The association provides the families with water, food and all the necessities of life so that the children can go to school instead of working in the fields.

The goals are:

  • Preventing child labour
  • Education for children on the run
  • Fighting the causes of flight
  • Pragmatic help for survival
  • Creating perspectives
  • Active prevention of terrorism

Max Brose Hilfe supports the Penguin School in the Bekaa Plain in Lebanon with € 25,000.

Lebanon is one of the most important places of refuge for Syrian refugees outside Syria. However, there is no state provision for the people.