Benin: well drilling

Max Brose Hilfe supports well drilling in Benin.

Hungry children cannot learn. 

In Benin, West Africa, the lack of water is causing hunger and school drop-out, affecting thousands of children. The latter grow up without demonstrable educational and vocational skills and end up on the margins of society and the economy. 

Thus, water scarcity turns children into beggars in a country like Benin.

HUMANIUM & TERRA stands for:

  • Applied research
  • Education and training
  • Community services (analysis, initiation and implementation of innovative, creative and effective projects that sustain livelihoods and quality of life at the community or grassroots level.
  • Public relations, communication for development and change; organising workshops; lobbying; leading debates or exchanges on social and environmental issues affecting Benin today; defending social and environmental rights.