Be an Angel – Rescue from the war zone

Max Brose Hilfe finances the transportation to rescue people from the war zone.

Chernobyl Children’s Aid also active in times of war

Max Brose Hilfe supports the association's work.

Bamberg: Circus project

Circus project for young refugees in and around Bamberg. Circus Giovanni receives start-up funding.

Bamberg: Ukraine Aid

Max-Brose Hilfe was able to contribute part of the first-aid kits.

Doctors of the World

Max Brose Hilfe supports the medical care of the population of eastern Ukraine through the organisation.

Doctors without Borders

Max Brose Hilfe supports the work of the organisation in Ukraine.

Coburg: integrative language course

MBH enables continuation of integrative language course.

Würzburg: Training and integration project Mrija

Max Brose Hilfe supports the professional work of the association, which conducts qualified training courses in cooperation with the city of Würzburg and local associations.

Würzburg: Mrija

Max Brose Hilfe supports organisation "Mrija" for medical care of clinics in Ukraine.

Coburg / Winnyza: „Tafel“ Café Trapeza

In the Café Trapeza, citizens of the village of Winnyza are provided with food and drinks free of charge.

Suhl: Evacuation and accommodation for Ukrainian athletes 

Evacuation of 15 athletes of the Paralympic national team and accommodation and supplies for the athletes in Suhl.

Prievidza: Berkat

The Slovakian association Berkat organises medical aid transports to Lviv/Ukraine.

Coburg / Neustadt: „Tschernobyl Kinderhilfe“

Since the outbreak of the war, the association has been working for the accommodation of former guest children and their families.

Bamberg: Delivery of relief supplies

TEK department in Bamberg collected and, with the support of Max-Brose-Hilfe, brought 80 tonnes of relief supplies to the Ukrainian border.