Be an Angel – Rescue from the war zone

War in Ukraine – our mission

Be an Angel e.V. is registered as an aid organisation in Moldova – in addition to its headquarters in Berlin – and has an office in Chicinau. Since 4 March 2022, we have been evacuating refugees from Ukraine from Moldova by bus. At least one bus a day. By 21 June 2022, there were 100 buses. Since the beginning of May, we have also been evacuating directly from the south of Ukraine. By June 2022, that was 49 buses. In total, we have brought over 10,000 people to safety so far. In addition, there are individual evacuations of seriously ill people with ambulances within Ukraine and then from Chicinau with specially organised planes or together with the UNHCR on evacuation flights from various EU countries In addition, over 100 tonnes of relief supplies have now been sent to Ukraine thanks to Be an Angel e.V. We have been able to send medicines, medical supplies, emergency equipment, hospital beds, baby food, water purification tablets and food in 20-tonne trucks.

Empowering the most vulnerable.
Our mission is to support Ukrainian refugees and rescue efforts. We provide humanitarian aid, medical evacuations and mental health awareness programmes for the Ukrainian people suffering from the large-scale invasion. Join us on our mission to provide a future for the most vulnerable.

Be an Angel e.V., Yorckstraße 4-11, D-10964 Berlin, Germany

Max Brose Hilfe finances the transport of a seriously ill baby in an incubator and bus transport for vulnerable families and senior citizens with a total of €50,000.