Coburg: integrative language course

The language course, which is supported by the city of Coburg, initially started only for refugees from Ukraine. Other people from many nations quickly joined in and an intensive cooperation developed in a lively atmosphere. The Max-Brose-Hilfe e.V. made the continuation of the course possible with a donation of € 2000.

Excerpt from the project report

The teaching atmosphere is humorous and loosened up by the amount of movement. The participants appreciated the variety of methods presented in the project outline from the very beginning. The participants are very motivated and absorb the lesson content extremely quickly; I have never experienced such learning progress.

I find the intercultural exchange very valuable, especially since the different nationalities in Germany experience a very different welcome culture and this harbours a great latent potential for conflict. It is not easy to build this bridge. Although everyone listens to each other respectfully, there has not yet been enough of a connection between the participants so that, for example, they do not sit down separately according to nationality, but mixed together. Addressing this remains a secondary goal of the project.

One participant suggested forming a Whatsapp group; perhaps this will lead to more exchange among each other in the future. The effect remains to be seen.

Even though it is exhausting to adapt to the new participants every hour and to change the lessons spontaneously if necessary, the project is so effective and, with the support of the students and the Office for Youth and Family, so profitable for everyone that a continuation is more than desirable. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those involved who make this possible, as it is also more an affair of the heart for me than the mere exercise of my profession.

Hiltrud Kutscha (Course leader)