Uganda: MALAIKA Smile e.V.

Max Brose Hilfe supports the Irtenkauf family’s initiative and finances one of the four classrooms with the necessary social rooms.

The association MALAIKA Smile e.V. was founded in 2017 by the Irtenkauf family in Baden-Baden/Steinbach and registered in the register of associations. We are also registered as an NGO in Uganda; Christine Irtenkauf is the first chairwoman in both Germany and Uganda, and other board members there are her adult children and locals who look after the children’s welfare on site.

“Currently – March 2023 – we are providing a family home for 25 children in our own “MALAIKA Smile Home” in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, financing their school education, regular meals and medical care with the help of membership and sponsorships, donations and the sale of African and German handicrafts at various markets. We also finance the education of around 50 children who live with their parents in a neighbouring village and take care of their nutrition and medical care. We employ 5 Ugandan staff / carers, 2 of whom are board members of the local NGO. 2-3 times a year, the two chairmen Christine and Uwe Irtenkauf or their three adult children or other board members visit the MALAIKA Smile Home, also look after the children and discuss everything with the Ugandan team.

The local presence and personal contact is an important pillar of this “heart project”. The vision of building their own school becomes a concrete plan Over the past three years, Christine and Uwe Irtenkauf have visited several schools and realised that the quality leaves a lot to be desired and that school fees are very high. In addition, there are so many children who have no opportunity to attend school. The vision of building their own school became more and more real. In search of suitable land, they visited a village in the Kyankwanzi district around 150 km north-west of Kampala in November 2019. Paul Kawesa, the village headman, and other villagers donated part of their land, around 3.2 hectares, to the NGO MALAIKA Smile with the request to build a school.”

MALAIKA Smile e.V. Germany-Uganda Christine Irtenkauf

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