Nepal: Dautari 

COVID-19 education and emergency food aid

Nepal has been hit hard by COVID-19 twice so far. First in March 2020, and then again in April 2021. Images of people from India desperately trying to secure hospital beds for their loved ones, only to be forced to watch them perish in the streets, circulated the globe. The situation in Nepal was at least as bad. For many, however, starvation has been and remains almost as great a threat as the virus.

The pandemic showed once again just how disadvantageous a lack of education can be. People who are illiterate are unable to read about the coronavirus – and how to protect themselves from it. A lack of education usually goes hand in hand with abject poverty. People are often undernourished, and their immune systems are unable to defend against the disease.

Max Brose Hilfe was able to provide the financial means to improve the food supply and launch a far-reaching awareness campaign.