Mannheim: Barac Diakonische Hausgemeinschaften 

The former Wehrmacht and then US barracks (Franklin Barracks) in Mannheim is now a project platform for the “Einraumhaus-Förderverein e.V.” of the Diakonische Hausgemeinschaften e.V. in cooperation with barac GmbH. On an area of 4400 m² there are artists’ workshops (laboratories), living spaces for severely and severely handicapped people, social housing, guest rooms, and as the center of barac community rooms and a canteen kitchen as well as exhibition and project rooms. Projects already underway: “Soulkitchen” care for homeless and street children at the “old Messplatz”, joint workshop projects of schoolchildren and the disabled and the exhibition of pottery works of the inclusion groups.

Our direct partners include Diakonische Hausgemeinschaften e.V. – who maintain micro-apartments as part of a private living concept in the Heidelberg area (Leimen and Wieblingen).  

The goal – independent living with external support and active involvement in the overall project.