Cycling for the lunch table at the BuKi-Haus

Tom and Nick, two students of social work at the University of Applied Sciences in Coburg, will complete their internship at the BuKi-Haus in Cidreag from March to September 2023. Cycling is also their great hobby in their private lives, so it was obvious that they would cycle to the BuKi house in Cidreag to kick off their internship.

BuKI (Hilfe für Kinder in Osteuropa e.V.) runs several facilities for Sinti and Roma in Romania.

Route: From Coburg, Germany, to Cidreag, Romania approx. 1,450 km

Start: 13.3.2023

Planned arrival: Approx. 30.3.2023

Donation target: 12,000 € to finance the daily lunch for one year.
Max Brose Hilfe participates with 2000 €