24h fundraising challenge

Our employees Jessica Ittner (500km) Pascal Rux (319km) Christian Gründel (500km) Andreas Kreß (500km) and Stephanie Lieb (220km) raised €5,000 in 24 hours by cycling for the organisation Engineers without Borders.

“Engineers without Borders is a non-profit recognised private aid organisation. The aim of Engineers Without Borders is to improve the living conditions of needy and disadvantaged people in the long term. In doing so, the focus is on sustainable, partnership-based support within the framework of basic-needs-oriented development cooperation.”

Report on our 24h fundraising challenge:

The riders: 

Brose Sitech: Jessica Ittner (500km), Pascal Rux (319km), Christian Gründel (500km), Andreas Kreß (500km), Brose: Stephanie Lieb (220km)

On the weekend of 23/24 July 2022, the third edition of the 24-hour charity challenge took place. And this one was to surpass the previous events by worlds.

The simple principle: to pursue one’s passion, cycling, for 24 hours while collecting donations for charitable purposes. The majority of supporters agreed to donate a certain amount based on the kilometres achieved.

Most of the participants arrived on Friday to set up camp at the campsite in Ebing (near Bamberg). A first small trial round, a joint pasta party and shop talk about cycling brought the first evening to a close.

On Saturday morning, most of the participants were already very nervous because everyone had set a personal goal (up to 500 km in 24 hours) that had to be achieved. After a joint breakfast, the imaginary starting signal was given at 10:00 am. The clock was now ticking…

After the first laps together, different groups formed, which covered kilometre after kilometre at an even pace according to their performance. After less than 4 hours, the first 100 kilometres were on the bike computers.

Regular breaks were taken at the base camp to replenish the calories and fluids consumed. Irreplaceable here: the support of family and friends!

The exciting time began at dusk or at night. Equipped with good lighting, the runners completed lap after lap and thus kilometre after kilometre on a circular course.

The fatigue and exertion were noticeable for most of the participants, and everyone was fighting his or her own battle. All the more impressive was the cohesion of the groups, taking turns in the lead in order to save a few “grains” in the slipstream.

The rising dawn reawakened everyone’s spirits and released the last energies. The end was within reach!

After about 22.5 hours, everyone had reached or even exceeded their goals – incredibly tired, but indescribably happy… no one had ever ridden so much in one go!

The event in numbers:

  • 14 cyclists 
  • including 5 employees of Brose or Brose Sitech.
  • Total kilometres: 5,720 km
  • Total donations: around €14,000 (for various recipients)