“Learning Workshop Peace” at the Meeder Peace Museum – a location for peace education

The Meeder Peace Museum Association is a non-profit organisation. The aim of the association is to run the “Learning Workshop Peace” at the Anna B. Eckstein Primary School. An important pillar of the association is peace and media education work with primary school pupils.

“In 1650, the Duke of Coburg, Friedrich Wilhelm II, took the Peace of Westphalia as an opportunity to celebrate a big peace festival every year on the Sunday after Sebaldus (19 August) to commemorate the end of the 30-year war. This tradition is still carried on in Meeder today and forms the foundation stone for the concept of the Peace Museum, which has existed since 1982. Every 10 years, the Peace Festival is celebrated on a grand scale for the town and district of Coburg. Apart from Meeder, the commemoration day is only celebrated annually in the city of Augsburg”.