Defibrillator for the community centre in Bad Staffelstein-Unterzettlitz

Following the unsuccessful resuscitation of a 63-year-old village resident, an appeal for donations was launched to purchase a freely accessible defibrillator for the community centre. Eleven Brosians living in Unterzettlitz, some of whom are active in local clubs, supported the village-wide fundraising campaign. The participation of the rest of the village population was also considerable and, together with the generous donation from Max-Brose-Hilfe, the costs for the purchase, maintenance for the next few years and first aid courses focussing on defibrillator operation were covered. Over a quarter of the village population took part in the courses so that they could react quickly and correctly in the event of another emergency. In Germany alone, around 65,000 people die of sudden cardiac death every year. The earlier effective first aid can be provided and a defibrillator used, the greater the chances of survival.

The following employees from the Franconian locations in Bamberg, Coburg and Hallstadt are socially and/or financially committed to active village life and have made a valuable contribution to improving first aid in Unterzettlitz:
Atzpodien Max, Bott Daniel, Dämon Tobias, Dusold Patrick, Hein Anna, Hofmann Johanna, Hofmann Jörg, Kunzelmann Carolin, Leicht Wolfgang, Schaller Christopher und Zahner-Meixner Nicole.